1. Select your settings
Set the categories and locations which you want alerts for.
    You can select more than one category, and more than one suburb.

    Prior to setting your suburb/s of interest, you must select your City.
    You may only select one City, and this will determine the suburbs available.
    It is advised that you only select suburbs and categories which are of interest
    to you.

Setting Settings

2. Dismissing Alerts

    From the main alerts screen, you will receive alerts.
    You will also receive alerts if you have minimized
    the app.
    You should dismiss alerts which you have read
    and want to remove from your screen.  Once an
    alert is dismissed, you will not receive it again.
    If you click Dismiss All Alerts, it will dismiss all
    alerts present on your screen.
How to Dismiss Alerts

3. Exiting and Minimising App
    If you want to minimise the App and still receive alerts,
    You can minimise the App to the background. It will
    continue to run in the background, and you will still
    receive alerts.
    If you Exit from the App via the Exit button, you will
    not receive alerts until you re open the App again.

How to Exit and Minimize

4. Submitting Alerts or Suggestions / Bug Reports
    To submit an alert, click the Submit Alert
    button in the top left from the main menu.
    You can follow the prompts on the web form, or send in
    an email. Your alert will take some time to get approved.
How to Submit an Alert

5. How to report a bug or suggest and idea
    Click the Report Bug button from the main screen.
    Send in an email by following the prompt.

Submit an Bug or Idea